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Solid Colors
Opaque/Solid paints are the base of the Hobbynox Airbrush Colors. They are suitable for any airbrush work and can be mixed with any other Hobbynox Airbrush Color.

Note, use solid white as backing on all Neon Colors

Special Colors
Chrome: Can be used as silver (faster drying and thinner then pearl silver) or backed with Solid Black for a brilliant satin chrome finish. Chrome can also be used to cover up the Transparent colors for a deep metallic look.

Pearl Colors
Pearl colors are vibrant paints made by combining pearlescent pigments of various type. One difference vs a metallic paint is that pearl colors are not limited to sparcle with silver alone and the paint effect looks a little deeper. They are slightly transparent and can be backed with any Hobbynox Airbrush Color.

Neon Colors
Neon Colors are very vivid colors and are transparent so they need to be backed with solid white for optimum neon effect. Note that Neon Colors are not UV stable - they will eventually fade due to exposure of direct sun light.

Note, some call them "flourescents" - but we call them Neons.

Transparent Colors
Perfect to use when fading/mixing with other transparent colors or back them with solid white for a lighter appearence, or any other color for a custom effect. Use either Pearl Silver or Pearl Gold backing for a pearl look or Chrome for a deep metallic look. Transparent Grey is also perfect to use as a window tint.

Iridescent Colors
The new Iridescent Colors are Pearl paints with an added hue shift that changes it's appearence mostly on contours and edges of the painted item. They are slightly transparent and can be backed with any Hobbynox Airbrush Color.

SP Reducer/Cleaner
• Use SP Reducer/Cleaner with Hobbynox Airbrush Colors when a thinner paint viscosity is wanted/needed.
• Generally add 10% per volume to paint. May be added in greater volumes to achieve best viscosity for optimum atomization of the paint (normally up to 25%).
After mixing with SP Reducer/Cleaner the mixed paint has a 72 hour pot-life.
• SP Reducer/Cleaner is by far the best airbrush cleaner when using Hobbynox Airbrush Colors - especially when the colors are mixed with Hobbynox Intercoar-Clear.

• A water-based polyurethane clear which can be used as a protective inter-coat and balancing clear (use max one layer, one time) over Hobbynox Airbrush Colors or directly mixed with the paint (10%) for improved spray perfromance, improved coating durability and urethane-like performance with automotive airbrushing on hard surfaces.
• When used separately the Intercoat-Clear dries to a flat, hard and level/smooth surface perfect for taping and masking onto with reduced chance of under-spray.
• Mix 10% Hobbynox Intercoar-Clear with Hobbynox Airbrush Colors. Leveling/smoothness and airbrush flow on non-porous surfaces is greatly increased. Airbrush Colors dry hard and durable quickly when mixed with Hobbynox Airbrush Colors.
• Intercoat-Clear is not a paint reducer and it does not thin the paint. For paint viscosity reduction - use the Hobbynox SP Reducer/Cleaner.
• Use the Intercoat-Clear mixed Airbrush Colors within 6 hours. Keep colors capped airtight after use.