JP8HR Kaross TC 190mm Lättvikt Hög Rotation


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BiltypOn Road
Bredd190 mm
Inkluderar ävenDekaler, Fönstermaskering, Skruvar till vinge
Tjocklek0,75 mm

    Mer information

    Bittydesign JP8HR 1/10 TC 190mm body (Light)

    When thinking about the best - think about the JP8HR!

    The ALL NEW ultra downforce body shell has been developed with the collaboration of our wordwide team drivers, who participated to the several stages of the project. The JP8HR includes all of our experience gained in over 10 years of presence on the racetrack, and the final version of the body requested many changes before reach the perfect shape. To raise the bar we not accepted any compromise.

    Tested for several months both indoor and even outdoor on different types of carpet and tarmac, the JP8HR body shell represent a new reality for drivers all around the world who race at top levels and always want to obtain the best result with their models.

    Product Features:
    • The body respect all the international specs necessary for the approval by the federations, its EFRA and IFMAR homologated.
    • Made with high quality and genuine polycarbonate Lexan®
    • Included in the kit a complete set of screw, nuts and large plastic washers to fix properly the rear wing
    • Produced in Light Weight version, thickness of material 0.75 mm
    • Sold clear with protective film outside
    • Included in the package a few decal sheets pre-cut and windows mask

    No Compromise
    The JP8HR project is born with the intention to meet the needs of our International team drivers who asked to create an all new ultra downforce body shell that can maintain the look and lines of the JP8 body but with more rotation in the corners; the focus of attention during the design and development stage was therefore the achievement of a greater fluidity in the central steering phase.

    LIGHTNESS and STRENGTH! Thanks to an excellent production process, which guarantees a high homogeneity of the material in any area of the body, we have reached a good compromise between weight and durability of the product. Several track tests have revealed excellent impact resistance giving the JP8's extremely longevity; the light weight version also meet the new "90gr" ETS rule.

    The Art of Performance at his best
    To achieve the best result possible in term of overall product we have made the most of all our know-how, our experience on the track allowed to us to develop, to design, to engineer and to test for several months a body shell that represent the new future for the 1/10 TC competitions.

    The ultra-high aerodynamic body shell generates a very fast and precise steering but the shapes and design of the rear part guarantee the stability needed to make the model drivable; it is really easy to push to the limit and get your best laptime, the feeling of driving is excellent immediately both on the indoor and outdoors tracks on asphalt. For high-grip carpet (ETS and CRC) we recommend positioning the body not forward but neutral, this configuration proved to be the best on high-tight surfaces.

    Comparative table 190mm TC bodies line
    The image display our full line of 1/10 TC bodies where the 7 different models are compared to each other, both for the range of use of each body based on the surface grip (see white bars In the upper part of the picture) as well as for Steering, Rear stabilty and Rotation values.

    The Guide allows a quick comparison between the various bodies and facilitates the choice of the most suitable model depending on the situation on the track.

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