Kaross Europa 190mm (FWD)


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BiltypOn Road
Bredd190 mm
Hjulbas255-260 mm
Längd423 mm
Inkluderar ävenDekaler, Fönstermaskering, Skyddsfilm
Höjd124 mm

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    Europa Clear Body for 1/10 190mm FWD Class
    PROTOform is excited to bring our first-ever body dedicated to front wheel drive touring cars: meet the Europa.

    Europa takes styling cues from popular European hot hatches competing in full-scale TCR classes around the globe. With aggressive fender flares and a slammed hatchback roofline, the Europa is bound to make a statement at your track. At the rear of the body, molded in wing platforms support the add-on nylon wing struts and wing to complete the super scale look. Designed and produced using the latest in 3D CAD and 5-axis CNC technology, Europa's detailing, symmetry and overall quality of surfaces is second-to-none.

    This body will fit any popular 190mm touring car chassis. It's produced in our high-quality, lightweight polycarbonate for a low center of gravity, and includes a detailed decal sheet with windshield header and number plates, window masks, and paint-then-peel overspray film.

    • Hot hatch styling
    • Super scale looks
    • Add-on wing struts and polycarbonate wing
    • Low CG
    • Made in the USA

    • Clear Europa Body
    • Wing Struts (2 pcs)
    • M3 x 6 Black Screws (4 pcs)
    • Decal Sheet
    • Window Masks
    • Paint-then-peel Oversrpay Film

    • 190mm 4WD TC
    • 190mm FWD TC

    • Length: 423mm
    • Width: 193mm
    • Height: 124mm
    • Wheelbase: Adjustable: 255-260mm

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