XRAY X1 2020-Spec 1/10 Formel-1


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BiltypFormula 1
Levereras somByggsats , Tävlingschassie
Lämplig förErfaren, Expert

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    XRAY X1'20 Formula 1 1/10 Racing Kit

    X1 2020 All-new Features:
    • Chassis - allows to adjust the wheelbase of the front suspension. The chassis features 3 wheelbase alternatives. Standard wheelbase and +/- 4mm
    • Bulkheads - redesigned to work with the new independent wing mount system, redesigned to allow to lower the diff position by 0.5mm for greater range of ride height adjustment, left bulkhead redesigned to eliminate the problem with bending in crashes
    • Front stand - instead of the post which holds the upper arm mount plate is the stand which reinforces the front part of the chassis for more steering and also allows to mount graphite brace that could be connected to the front lower arms for greater flex adjustment possibilities
    • Graphite arm mount plates allows to connect all new post with the steering pivot shaft for greater steering adjustment possibilities
    • Graphite top deck - redesigned to work with the new adjustable wheelbase
    • Graphite rear pod - redesigned to work with the new independent wing mount system
    • Aluminium pod link graphite plate holder - replacing the shims. The holder is made from 1 piece and has centering pins to eliminate the possibility to move graphite plate in crashes
    • Graphite pod link plate - added one extra hole for the composite pod link mount to have greater steering adjustment possibilities
    • Lighter pod brace holder from graphite composite material to increase consistency and to resist flexing
    • Rear graphite brace which was redesigned to work with the new independent wing mount set
    • Graphite backstop for battery pack in cross-chassis alignment alternative
    • Graphite brace for bulkheads - redesigned to work with the new independent wing mount set, features the holes to mount the fan
    • Completely redesigned independent wing mount set which is now lighter, stronger, more durable and has less flex

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