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Castle Creations Sidewinder 8th ESC & Castle 1515-2200KV Motor


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    Sidewinder 8th is a sport 1:8 scale waterproof combo capable of 2-6S LiPo, with an 8 amp peak BEC. This is the perfect upgrade for 1:8 scale buggies, truggies and on-road vehicles as well as 1:10 scale monster trucks weighing up to 11 lbs. It can also work as a great upgrade for some 4WD short course trucks for 3s or 4s operation. It also comes standard with a highly efficient ESC cooling fan.


    Sidewinder 8 Combo includes:
    • Sidewinder 8th ESC
    • Castle 2200Kv brushless sensored motor
    • Drivers Ed and Quick Start Guide
    • Castle decal sheet

    Sidewinder 8th ESC Specs:
    • Input voltage: MIN: 2S LiPo; MAX: 6S LiPo
    • BEC specifications: 5.5V fixed; 8A peak
    • Operating environment: Waterproof design allows for use in nearly any environment.
    • Brake: Proportional
    • Reversible: Yes - with lockout
    • Size: L62.2 x W56 x H34 mm
    • Weight (without battery connector soldered to ESC): 100 g
    • Motor connectors: 6.5 mm CC Bullets

    Motor 2200kV Specs:
    • KV: 2200
    • Max RPM: 60,000
    • Max Input Volts: 25.2
    • Weight: 429 g
    • Motor Length: 75.3 mm
    • Motor Diameter: 40 mm
    • Shaft diameter: 5.0 mm
    • Connector: Gold 6.5mm male bullets

    Legal mumbo jumbo that we need you to read:
    Although Sidewinder 8th and Castle brushless motors are waterproof, they can corrode when exposed to corrosive materials, such as salt water. Always rinse the ESC and motor with clean water after exposure to corrosives or dirt. While the motor and controller may be waterproof, we suggest users confirm that the rest of their vehicle, including the batteries, servos, radio and chassis are also waterproof before exposing them to liquids of any kind.

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