Piniondrev Alum 19t 64P smal Förstora bilder

Piniondrev Alum 19t 64P smal


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T4 Aluminium Narrow Pinion Gears

  • Super-narrow design
  • 64 pitch
  • Hardcoated
  • Manually inspected
  • High-performance pinions
  • Lightweight aircraft duraluminum
  • Individually run-in
  • Fits all touring cars
These narrow pinions are manufactured by XRAY on a specially-modified precision gear machine for ultra-precise tolerances and unparalleled concentricity. After machining, the edges are chamfered, the pinions are run in, and then they are specially treated with an even hardcoating so they stay absolutely true for a long time. The pinions run well with any spur gears, and work perfectly with XRAY spur gears where even throttle on/off noise is dramatically diminished. You can be confident in using the new narrow pinion right from the package, knowing that you are using a pinion of leading-edge design.

These 64-pitch narrow high-performance pinion gears are manufactured from special lightweight aircraft duraluminum, 1.5 mm thinner and 25% lighter than the regular-size pinion gears.

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