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Strömbrytare Elektronisk för Bil ESW-2J


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Futaba ESW-2J - Electronic Receiver Battery Switch for RC Cars

This switch connects a Futaba receiver to a battery and is turned on and off in an FET circuit. Compared to using a mechanical switch, it allows more current to be sent with less loss. In addition, because it is a dust proof and drip-proof (IP-64) structure, it is ideal for engine cars racing in dirt/dusty tracks.

ESW-2J has three modes
If you select 6.2 V cut mode or 5.5 V cut mode, the current will be cut off if the voltage drops below 6.2 V (LiPo)/5.5 V (LiFe) to prevent damage to the battery due to discharge when the power is turned off.
  1. Normal Mode (No Cut): LiFe/LiPo/NiMH
  2. 6.2V Cut Mode (Cuts below 6.2V): LiPo
  3. 5.5V Cut Mode (Cuts below 5.5V): LiFe

  • If 6.2 V cut mode or 5.5 V cut mode is selected, the current will be cut o and it will become uncontrollable if the voltage drops. Be careful with the battery level and operating time.
  • If the cut off function works while driving your vehicle, it becomes impossible to operate and it is very dangerous.
  • Normally, use the default setting Normal mode. When changing to the cut mode, be sure to understand the danger before using it.
  • Make sure to read the manual before use.

  • Dimensions: 23.6 x 19.6 x 7.6 mm (excluding protrusions)
  • Power requirement: 4.8 V ~ 7.6 V (Voltage range: 3.5 V ~ 8.7 V)
  • Allowable current: ~ 10 A (Maximum allowable current: 15A for 30s)

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