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Transmitter Bag

Transmitters are not cheap, so you want to look after yours when you are on the move - enter this new dedicated bag, which will carry it and other related items in safety! The bag can be carried in numerous ways and even attached to our trolley pit bag.

Item Contents/Information
• Transmitter Bag x1
• Comes in black, with distressed TRF logo and zipper in blue.
• Features a soft strap cover handle. The strap can be attached at the bottom to carry the bag by hand, or at the top to use it as a shoulder bag. The bag can also be attached to the end of Item 42337 R/C Trolley Pit Bag.
• Above the main compartment is a sub-compartment that can be used to hold other R/C equipment or parts.
• The front cover opens on three sides for great access. It features an inner pocket for more stowage space.

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