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Hobbywing Seaking PRO 160A 1-6S Marine ESC

Competition Design
The light weight of the Pro 160A is designed to meet the users requirement of a light weight product for all marine competition which weight is a factor of speed and endurance. The core program for top-level competition products guarantees the user first-class control and "abundant" programmable parameter items for different competition environments.

High Voltage Built-in BEC
The built-in switch mode BEC with a maximum output of 8Amp and switchable voltage of 6V/7.4v make this ESC compatible with high voltage servo.

Innovative Turbo Function
The world's first marine ESC to have implemented the turbo timing function which will give the user the edge over the competition with instant turbo boost.

Reliability and performance
Built with the highest quality components (eg. MOSFET's with extremely low internal resistance) and coupled with cutting-edge firmware, the Pro 160A is featured by enhanced current rating and reliability. Multiple safety adjustable options are in use, with the implementation of the low-voltage cutoff protection, thermal protection and throttle signal loss protection.

Efficient Cooling system
The Hobbywing patented heat-conductive copper bar cover on the power board of the ESC combined with the water cooling module efficiently and effectively transfers heat to the outside thus keeping your ESC as cool as possible.

  • Type: Brushless Waterproof
  • Cont./Peak Current: 160A/1050A
  • Input: 2-6S LiPo/6-18 Cells NiMH
  • BEC Output Switch Mode: 6V/7.4V, 4A

Wires & Connectors:
  • Input Wires: 12AWG/200mm
  • Output Wires: 12AWG/150mm
  • Input Connectors: No
  • Output Connectors: No
(Note: All the wire length above is the original length not the length you see from the outside.)

ESC Programing via:
  • Transmitter: Supported
  • LED Program Box: Not Supported
  • LCD Program Box: Supported
  • WiFi Module: Supported
  • Program Port: Separate Program Wire

  • Firmware Upgrade: Supported

Size & Weight:
  • Size: 108.5 x 51.5 x 14.4mm
  • I.D./O.D. of the Water Cooling Pipe: Ф3.0/5.5 mm
  • Weight: 127g

  • Mono2 /Other Competition Boats (≤120cm)

Installation & Connection:

1. Water Cooling Tube Connecting(Silicon tube needs to be provided by users.)
The aluminum water cooling tube (outer diameter = 5.5mm) has been pre-mounted on the ESC heatsink at factory. Please connect the silicon tube to the aluminum water cooling tube.

2. Motor Wiring
There is no polarity on the A/B/C wires between ESC and motor, so do not worry about how you connect them initially. You may find it necessary to swap two wires if the motor runs in reverse.

3. Receiver Wiring
  • How to connect the throttle control cable: Plug the throttle control cable (also called Rx cable) on the ESC into the throttle (TH) channel on receiver. The RED wire in the throttle control cable will output the BEC voltage of 6V/7.4V to the receiver and servo, so please do not connect any additional battery to the receiver.
  • How to connect the Turbo Acceleration signal wire (/single YELLOW wire): Plug the Turbo Acceleration signal wire of the ESC into any unoccupied channel (for example, CH3/CH4) on your receiver.

4. Battery Wiring
Proper polarity is essential here! Make absolutely sure positive (+) of ESC connects to positive (+) of battery, and negative (-) of ESC connects to negative (-) of battery when you plug in your battery! If reverse polarity is applied to your ESC from the battery, it will damage your ESC. This will NOT be covered under warranty!

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