Strömförsörjningskabel XT60 IDST med Batteriklämmor & 4mm 1m


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DynoMAX B9708B - DC Charger Input Harness with Large Battery Clips/4mm Bullets for Chargers with XT60 DC Input

This charger input harness fits many of the latest generation SkyRC & other chargers that uses a XT60 DC-input socket (XT60 male on the charger and female on this harness). It's ideal when you want to use your charger with a 12V DC battery or an AC Power Supply that has got 4mm bullet outputs!

It also works as a long charging lead for XT60 batteries if your charger has 4mm bullet outputs (reversed mounting)!

  • Perfect when you want to use your DC charger out in the field with an 12V Pb battery as a power source
  • Doubles as a charging lead for XT60 batteries if your charger has 4mm bullet outputs!
  • Doubles as a charging lead for XT60 chargers if you want to charge Pb batteries

  • Battery Clips: Large enough to grip 12V Pb battery poles
  • 4mm Bullets: Fits any AC Power Supply with 4mm output sockets
  • Charger Connector: XT60
  • Wires: 10AWG
  • Length: 1m

Fits (as of January 2020):
  • SkyRC B6 Nano - SK100134
  • SkyRC E4Q - SK100140
  • SkyRC B6 Lite - SK100151-01
  • SkyRC T200 - SK100155-02
  • SkyRC 30A Power Supply - SK200013
  • SkyRC 50A Power Supply - SK200015
  • Plus other brands of chargers with a XT60 DC input connector

Does NOT fit these chargers (use the #B9708 DC Charger input harness for these):
  • SkyRC D100 (V2) - SK100131
  • SkyRC D200 - SK100097-03
  • SkyRC Q200 - SK100104
  • SkyRC D250 - SK100129-01
  • SkyRC D400 - SK100123-02

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