SkyRC BD200 Urladdare 30A och Batterianalysator


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Drivspänning5,4-35 V

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    SkyRC BD200 - Battery Discharger & Analyzer

    Boost The Battery Performance!

    Powerful, Robust, Simple

    The BD200 is a powerful discharging device that allows the user to discharge a battery at up to 30 amps or 200 watts and also measures and compares the performance of batteries. BD200 allows for the precise measurement of battery capacity and takes the guesswork out of choosing the best battery for your application. The BD200 is much more than a simple battery discharger or a battery load tester. It will test virtually any type or size of battery, any chemistry or number of cells, up to 35 volts. It is small with a high performance cooling system and uses MOS fets from the well-known brand IXYS, to make sure it can discharge at 200 watts continuously.

    • It displays real time battery voltage, discharged capacity and discharge current.
    • It can test battery capacity that helps select batteries with desired capacity.
    • It saves time when user wishes to store their large capacity batteries.
    • It helps activate the best performance of your batteries during racing.

    Big Breakthrough Fan System
    A single, larger fan that push air downward through an extruded aluminum heat sink. As air passes vertically through the heat sink, it absorbs heat and carries it out. This make BD200 discharge rate at 200 watts continuous possible.

    • Simple and Intuitive Operation
    • Rotary Dial, simplify your operation
    • Digital LED Display, provide clearer information

    It can test virtually any type, size and chemistry battery
    BD200 is a voltage oriented discharger, virtually any type of battery can be operated. Accepted voltage ranges from 5.40V to 35.00V.
    • LiPo/LiFe/LiHV: 2-8S
    • NiMH/NiCd: 6-23S
    • Pb (Lead Acid): 6-32V

    Easy-to-Use PC Software for Data Analysis (See under the "download" tab)
    PC software supplied with the BD200 is easy to use, intuitive. There are two discharge mode: 1. Constant Power; 2. Constant Current. The software can automatic sensing of battery cell count and recommends a minimum safe discharge voltage. Discharge tests may be viewed in Amp Hours, Watt Hours or Minutes. Results can be graphed as Voltage vs. Amp hours, Watt hours, Minutes.

    Whats in the Box:
    • BD200
    • Discharging cable with XT60 connector
    • Manual

    • Discharge Voltage Range: 5.40-35.00V
    • Low Voltage Alert: <5.2V
    • High Voltage Alert: >35V
    • Max. Discharge Power: 200W
    • Discharge Current Range: 0.01A-30.00A
    • Current Consumption in Sleep Mode: <100uA
    • Standby Current: ≤35mA
    • Current Display Accuracy: 0.01-10.00A ±60mA / 10.00-30.00A ±2%
    • Voltage Display Accuracy: 5.4-10V ±60mV / 10-20V ±120mV / 20-35V ±160mV
    • Capacity Display Accuracy: ±3%
    • Dimension: 136.6 x 104.8 x 96 mm
    • Weight: 858 g

    BD200 PC Software released!
    (The zipped file is found under the download tab)

    Every BD200 has a SN number on its bottom case like, SN000016321. If yours is between SN001601634 and SN001601885, please upgrade its firmware first.

    All the details and instructions are in "" file.

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