SkyRC Ultimate Duo D400 Laddare, 400W 240VAC


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Vikt2510 g
SpecialfunktionerBattery Resistance Meter
Drivspänning11-18VDC / 100-240VAC V
Laddar (Batterityp)Li-Fe, Li-Ion, Li-Po, LiHV, Multiladdare, NiMH, Pb
Laddar (Li-Po)1-7 Celler
Laddar (NiMH)1-18 Celler
Mått258x194x82 mm
Laddar (Li-Fe)1-7 Celler
Laddar (Li-Ion)1-7 Celler
Laddar (Pb)2-24V
Medföljande laddkablar2x Laddkablar, 2x XH Adaptrar, 2x XT60

    Mer information

    Ultimate Duo 400W AC/DC - Balance Charger / Discharger / Power Supply

    SKYRC D400 is a twin-channel charger with two independent circuits which can charge two different kinds of batteries simultaneously. It also supports power distribution in AC mode to get max charging power to shorten charging time. What's more, users could set the terminal voltage by themselves and connect it to PC for PC control and firmware upgrade. Besides that, users could also use it as Lithium Battery Meter and Battery Internal Resistance Meter. What's more, the synchronization mode is available, in which users could perform synchronous settings for charging same batteries simultaneously to offer time-saving benefits.

    Your Ultimate Duo 400W can supply 150 Watts DC Power on channel 2. You can use it to power equipments that require DC power. It converts standard household power 100-240V AC to 6-15V DC power.

    SKYRC D400 is a high-performance, micro processor control charge/ discharge station with battery management suitable for use with all current battery types, with integral equalizer for seven-cell Lithium-Polymer (LiPo), Lithium iron phosphate (LiFe) and Lithium-Ion (LiIon) batteries; maximum 20A charge current and maximum 400W charge power. The additional LiHV mode is able to charge the new generation of LiPo batteries with an end of charge voltage 4.35V. There are Automatic Charging Current Limit, Capacity Limit, Temperature Threshold and Processing Time Limit which makes the charger safe to use.

    • Size: 258 x 194 x 82.5 mm
    • Weight: 2510 g
    • Input Voltage: AC 100-240V / DC 11-18V
    • Charge Circuit Power: 400W
    • Discharge Circuit Power: 36W
    • Charger Current Range: 0.1-20A
    • Discharge Circuit Power: 0.1-5A
    • Current Drain for Balancing Port: Max 500 mA/cell
    • Trickle Charging Current: 50-300 mA & OFF
    • DC Power Supply Output: 6-15V / Max: 10A
    • LiPo/LiFe/Lilon/LiHV Battery Cell Count: 1-7S
    • NiMH/NiCd Battery Cell Count: 1-18S
    • Pb Battery Voltage: 2-24V

    • SKYRC Ultimate Duo 400W
    • Power Cord
    • 2x Charging Cable with 4 mm banana connectors
    • 2x XT60 Charging Cable with 4 mm banana connectors
    • 2x XH Adaptor

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