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OS Max 21XZ-B Ver.II


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As competition-level buggy engines go, the 21XZ-B VII is a super value! By making it lighter, lower and cooling running, it exceeds the expectations of even pro racers - delivering power comparable to the Speed Spec II at a lower price. 1/8 scale drivers looking for a performance advantage will find it with the 21XZ-B VII powerhouse! .Performance that rivals that of the acclaimed Speed 21XZ-B Spec II .Shares the same piston, liner and con rod as the Speed version .Lightening holes in the cylinder head reduce overall weight .Other enhancements include a lower CG and improved cooling .A 22B2 single needle carb makes tuning a breeze .Optimized power band .Silicone filled crankshaft with tungsten counter weights .Blue anodized head .Incredible throttle response .7mm carb reducer is included

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