Hobbywing Xrotor 2207 Motor 2450kV Grön V1 4-5S


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Hobbywing XRotor 2207-2450KV motor for FPV Drone Racing Feel the difference in Performance Applikation: Multirotor Motortyp: Borstlös kV-värde: 2450 kV Motor längd: 17,3 mm Motoraxel längd: 27,5 mm Motoraxel diameter: 4 mm Vikt: 29,5 gram Effekt Peak: 947 W Max spänning: 18,5 V Xrotor 2207 brushless motor Create for SPEED: The Hobbywing Xrotor 2207 Race Pro Motor has been designed for the top levels of competitive FPV racing. Engineers have spent time working with top pilots to repeatedly confirm feedback. These motors have been finessed to provide extreme power, with rapid response to throttle commands. Testers were surprised by the ultra smooth, and precise response through all speed ranges and course conditions. Structural strength design The snap-fit shaft and endbell design provide a seamless fit and finish. Combined with respected EZO bearings, the motors are smooth and true. This provides improved bearing life and reliability. The new stators are a complete redesign and focus on overall efficiency under load. Ultra lightweight design The new 2207 motors have been developed to push the limits of durability while remaining extremely lightweight. High quality 7075 aluminum and Titanium shaft not only reduces weight but provide reliability and strength. Super lightweight 29.5g w/o wires Top Quality Components High quality 7075 aluminum, and high-precision CNC Machining technology produce an improved strength and axial concentricity. The hollow Titanium-alloy shaft reduces the shafts overall weight by 50% compared to standard motor shaft designs. The EZO bearings are high-quality Japanese bearings are the best available, providing longer life, lower noise, and improved overall tolerances. Ultrathin (0.1mm) Silicon steel laminations are used to manufacture the stators. This high-quality material improves overall efficiency. Using the strongest, and most heat resistant NbFeB magnets ensure maximum torque under load, and excellent consistency across the motors operating ranges. Specifications: • Stator Diameter/Thickness: 2mm/7mm • Slot/Plot Count: 12S/14P • Motor/Shaft Diameter: 27.5mm (length) - 4 mm (dia) • Motor Length: 17.3mm (w/o shaft) - 30.7mm (incl. shaft) • Best match w/ Xrotor Micro 40A BLHeli-S Dshot600 or above • Weight: 31.79g (w/o wires) • KV: 2450 • LiPo Cell: 4-5S • No-Load Current (@ 10V): 1.2A • Motor Resistance:0.040Ω • Max Cont. current: 0.09A • Max Cont. Power: 947.2W (5S) • Max Cont. Power: 947.2W (5S) Perfect match with: • Xrotor Micro 4in1 (40A) ESC • Xrotor Micro 35A ESC • Xrotor Micro 30A ESC (BHheliS600) • Xrotor Flight Controller • HOBBYWING VTX (Video Transmitter)


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