Bulldog klar kaross AE T5 mitt-motor*


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Längd413 mm
Bredd150 mm
Höjd102 mm
Inkluderar ävenDekaler, Fönstermaskering
Hjulbas292 mm

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    This is a BullDog Clear Body for T5m. Pro-Line has your new T5m covered with the BullDog truck body for you Mid Motor Stadium Truck! This BullDog body is the same one that came in your T5m kit box. The new T5m BullDog features 2 Mohawks down the center of the roof that improves high-speed stability and adds an aggressive look. The front and rear end geometry have also been reshaped and improved to achieve higher front down force and reduce wheelies that cost precious time. Get the most advanced body for your stadium truck: Release the BullDog!
    • Advanced cab forward design generates unmatched off-power steering
    • Low profile rear deck feeds wing with clean air flow
    • Made from durable / genuine Lexan®
    • Super-low styling giving your truck the lowest center of gravity (CG) possible
    • Fabricated to fit snugly around each chassis component
    • Made in the USA

    • Associated T5m

    • BullDog T5m Clear Lexan® Body
    • Decal sheet
    • Window masks included
    • Paint-then-peel overspray film included

    • Length: 413 mm
    • Width Chassis: 150 mm
    • Height: 102 mm
    • Wheel Base: 292 mm

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