Rea! Suppressor X2 Medium på vit fälg (2) Förstora bilder

Suppressor X2 Medium på vit fälg (2)


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Drivning17mm sexkant
Bredd43 mm
Inkluderar ävenFoams
Lämpad förBuggy
HårdhetX2 (Medium)
Ytterdiameter110 mm

    Mer information

    This is a Suppressor 1:8 Buggy Race Tire. The Suppressor is Pro-Line's latest race tire designed specifically for medium packed to loose outdoor tracks. The tread design takes inspiration from Pro-Line's incredibly successful line of race tires like the Hole Shot, Lock Down and Tazer but brings a whole new level of performance! The Suppressor features a smooth transition from the sidewall to the tread to prevent catching the sharp edges in the track, which can cause violent roll overs and lost time. The long center bars on the Suppressor provide massive forward bite and have a Hole Shot style relief cut for added side to side tread flex. Below the center tread is reinforcement webbing that mimics the outside pattern for a cohesive Suppressor look.

    When combined with Pro-Line's incredible X-Compounds, the Suppressor tires easily become the loose track tire of choice in a high performance package that is second to none!

    Pro-Line is making it easier than ever to use the Suppressor tires on your 1:8 Buggy by offering them pre-mounted on White Velocity V2 wheels!

    Pro-Line lives and breathes the philosophy of Racing To Bring You The Best and that is exactly what the Velocity V2 1:8 Buggy wheel represents.

    Don't get left behind with old tire technology, jump into the future with the all new Pro-Line Suppressor Tires Mounted to Velocity V2 Wheels!

    Tire Features:
    • The Ultimate Medium to Loose Surface Tire
    • Based on the Successful Hole Shot, Lock Down and Tazer
    • Reduced Edginess for Improved Control
    • No more Violent Roll Overs and Lost Time
    • More Side Traction And Faster Response
    • Massive Forward Bite
    • Improved Traction with X-Compound Technology
    • Long lasting Closed Cell Inserts included
    • Made in the USA

    Wheel Features:
    • Performance Racing Wheel with Greater Connectivity
    • Improved Traction and Stability
    • Strong and Durable High Quality Nylon Material
    • Wheels Also Available UnMounted

    • Suppressor 1:8 Buggy Race Tires mounted on White Velocity V2 Wheels (2 pcs)

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