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Excel's large box series - All of your favorite tools in one convenient set.

Set comes in a molded plastic case and includes one (1) K1 Light Duty Knife, one (1) K10 Snap Blade Knife, one (1) Needle Nose Plier with Side Cutters, one (1) Sharp Pointed Tweezers, one (1) Curved Pointed Tweezers, one (1) Swivel Head Screwdriver, one (1) Large Plastic Clamp, one (1) Small Plastic Clamp, two (2) Needle Files, one (1) Sanding Stick and three (3) assorted blades.

Each knife within our kit includes a 4 jaw aluminum chuck for a more secure blade positioning and hold than your standard hobby knife; with a snug fitting, shatter resistant safety cap to protect blade during storage

Perfect gift idea for hobbyists, artists, designers, or those with interest in arts and crafts applications - wood carving, scrapbooking, model kits, and more.

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