XB Fast Attack - w/Shark Mouth 2,4GHz


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This is a Ready to Run version of item 58539. This version includes a sticker set that is reminiscent of WWII era American warplanes. The included and pre-applied sticker set depicts a shark mouth and air force star markings. Originally released in 1984, the Fast Attack Vehicle was an R/C buggy that reproduced the look and feel of a special type of a military vehicle. It features a realistic body and roll cage and offers superior off-road performance.Scale: 1/10 Construction type: RTR (Ready-to-Run) Terrain use: multi-purpose Drive-train: 2WD RWD Drive type: gearbox Drive line: dog bone Differential type: gear Suspension: independent front/solid axle rear Steering mechanism: bell-crank Shock damper: friction damper Shock damper material: plastic Tire type: rubber Tire tread: radial Body material: ABS Plastic Chassis material: plastic Electronic Speed Control (ESC): included ESC model: TEU-105BK LED Light buckets: no LED lights: no Motor: 540-brushed type Bearings: plastic bushing Adjustable camber: n/a Adjustable toe angles: front only Adjustable ground clearance: fixed Adjustable gear ratio: fixed Adjustable wheelbase: fixed Adjustable track width: fixed Adjustable shock angle: fixed Special feature 1 Special feature 2: Pre-painted body Special feature 3: Included radio: Tamiya FineSpec 2.4GKomplettera med 7.2V NiMH drivack och laddare.

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