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The loudspeaker is essential for a good sound. Basically, the speaker should be as big as possible - easily said, but difficult to achieve due to the limited space in a scale model.

It's important to use the proper impedance - expressed in Ohms. You can always take a higher Ohm-type than recommended. The other way around, however, is critical: If using 4 Ohms instead of 8 Ohms, the power amplifier could be overloaded and the sound module could get hot.

You can use a different speaker than recommended, but please mind the correct impedanceand always take a broadband or voice application type. Due to their high-frequency suppression characteristc, bass-type speakers are not suitable. Turbo sound and reversing beeper will almost be completely inaudible with these types of speakers. Power rating should be at least 4 Watts, but can be higher as well.

  • LAUT85 small loudspeaker 8 Ohm 10W
  • recommended for SMT, SMX and SM7 at 12V, SM3/SMB/SMR at 7.2V
  • dimensions: 50x50x25.5mm

Sound moduleBattery voltage 7.2 V12 V
SM3/SMB/SMRLaut85/89 (8 Ohms)Laut16 (16 Ohms)
SMTLaut45 (4 Ohms)Laut85 (8 Ohms)
SM7/SMXLaut45 (4 Ohms)Laut85/89 (8 Ohms)

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