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The new mini sound module SM3 is the successor of the popular SMT and only half the size of it! The SM3 combines traditional Servonaut motor sound from SMT and SMX. In total, there are five motor types availabe.

Servonaut SM3 electronic engine sound generator for truck models - successor to the well-established SMT

  • Sounds include ignition, horn, compressed-air brake, turbo charger
  • 5 different motors to choose from
  • Reversing beeper (depends on speed controller)
  • No extra battery needed, can directly be powered from the main battery
  • Supply voltage 7.2 to 12V, loudspeaker from 8 Ohm up
  • Max. output 3W with 8 Ohm at 7.2V
  • With small volume control (potentiometer)
  • New Servonaut accessory available: equalizer SM-EQ for adjusting sound
  • Dimensions: 55 mm x 28 mm x 13 mm
Attention: If you don't use a Servonaut ESC or combine one with an AIR4 you need an additional Servo Y cable SYBlock for your SM3!
Exception: When using M24 and AIR4 you don't need an extra Y cable.

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