Servonaut Trailermodul AMO


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AMO light system for trailers and semi-trailers

The light system Servonaut AMO is responsible for the light and special functions in a semi-trailer or trailer. The coupling from tractor truck to trailer takes place wirelessly via infrared light. The trailer is usually powered by an own battery. This way, a semi-trailer can be remotely picked up and set down without needing a connector to be plugged or cables to be soldered.

As an extra, the AMO provides up to four usable servo outputs, e.g. for the operation of trailer support legs, a steering or a hydraulic function either via servo motor or speed controller. Even controlling of other Servonaut assemblies, such aus MM4 or BE8, is possible in a trailer.

  • trailer module including IR receiver for up to 6 output functions like driving light, brake light an indicator light
  • all outputs are overload protected at 700mA
  • one servo output with two positions, two proportional servo outputs, integrated BEC 5V/1A
  • included: module with IR receiver and 3-level switch
  • dimensions: 70 x 30 x 12 mm
  • required: transmitter AIR4 or AIRU

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