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Chassi 2.5mm Grafit X12'20


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XRAY X12'20 Graphite Chassis 2.5mm

NC-machined X12'20 chassis made from 2.5mm high-grade graphite material with a specially-designed compound for low-, medium-, and high-traction tracks. The graphite material is softer than aluminum, allowing the chassis to generate more traction.

The chassis was redesigned with a significantly narrower shape that ensures the chassis will not have drag in high speed corners which increases steering response and increases high-speed steering.

The chassis includes updated design of the grooves for the graphite battery backstop which allows more secure battery mounting and adjustment in the most frequently-used cross-chassis position. The updated design of the chassis also accommodates the new side link mounting system.

The shorter chassis design, complemented with elevated graphite bumper holder, prevents chassis from touching the track surface at the front, allows for increased steering and more consistent handling - particularly in high-traction conditions - which results in increased off-power steering.

  • XRAY X12'19 EU Specs
  • XRAY X12'19 US Specs
  • XRAY X12'20 EU
  • XRAY X12'20 US

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