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Aeotec Home Energy Meter Gen5 – 60A with three clamps


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These days you hear a lot about saving energy. Everybody knows that if we reduce the amount of energy we use we are not only able to save money but we also protect the environment. However, saving money by using less electricity is only possible if we understand when and how we use it. The Aeotec\'s Z-Wave Home Energy Meter provides you the possibility to understand that.Installed in an electricity box, the energy meter will monitor the total consumption of electricity used by an entire building. Its intelligent clamps will report this energy use in watts or kilowatt-hours to your Z-Wave gateway or controller, in watts or kilowatt-hours. Almost in real time you can see how much electricity you really use and when you use it.The main body is anchored using a back mount. The device has three clamps and reports W and kWH (up to 60 Ampere).Features:Clamp meter for electricity box3 phase meter for max. 60 AReport in watts, kilowatt-hours and real timePower: 90...260 VAC, 50/60 HzMeasuring range of voltage: 220V~...260V~Measuring range of current: 0...60AOperating Temperature: 0°C...40°CProtection Class: IP43 weatherporoofWireless Technology: Z-Wave PlusDimensions: 96 x 70 x 230 mm

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